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Japanese rice


Japanese Rice

Japanese rice does not become soggy or hard even after it cools down.

The moisture content of Japanese rice is adjusted (16%) when the brown rice is shipped, so it tastes better even when it is cold than California rice, which is very dry.




Andy Matsuda

Chef Andy Matsuda has over 35 years of cooking experience, along with 15 years of instructing experience.
He also has been building relationships with French culinary school of La Cordon blue, Napa CIA, Mission College and CCA of Manila Philippine. He now became Culinary Council Exclusive Chef at Holland America Cruise Line in 2018 .


Masanori Nagano


Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 15.58.30.png

Shinichi Katayama

5-Star Rice Meister

The 5th-generation owner of Sumidaya Shoten, a specialty high-end rice wholesaler established in 1905.

He is familiar with rice from all over Japan and creates rice with a mellow aroma and rich flavor by using his excellent blending techniques and his original method of milling rice.

Workshop Instructor 

Michelin Star chef

Born in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture  
2001. Started working at Mori Sushi
2010. Purchased Mori Sushi and became the owner.
2019. Won Michelin 1 Star Award
2019. Part-time Lecturer at Sushi Chef Institute at Torrance

My goal is to pursue and spread the value of Japanese food through sushi.


The 2020 workshop has ended. Thank you for your participation.
Recipe 1

Kagoshima Buri teriyaki rice ball sandwich

・Kagoshima yellowtail teriyaki with two 30g slices
・Cook and bake with mirin, soy sauce in equal  parts, ginger and a little garlic.
・Potato salad with shredded potatoes,

 mayonnaise, salt and pepper.
・Sprinkle with silver sesame seeds and a pinch of  wasabi sprinkles.
・Serve with seaweed on the outside.

Recipe 2

Vegan Onigiri Sandwich

・Spread 2 teaspoons of salted kouji (soybean  flour) on a piece of deep-fried tofu and brown it

 in a frying pan.

・Place the grilled shiitake mushrooms, seaweed 

    salad, avocado, and red radish greens inside the

    deep-fried tofu.

・Roll it up with nori seaweed and sprinkle with

    sesame sprinkles.

Recipe 3


color-matched kotemari rice balls

・Nameshi - rice with mitsuba
・Yukari -   Yukari Furikake and rice
・Peach colored sushi rice - Peach colored sushi     

                                                rice granules and rice
・Gin sesame sprinkles - sprinkles and rice 


Mix in as much as you like.    

Recipe 4

BOWL of Rice

topped with

Buri Soboro

Sprinkle a little salt on BURI(yellowtail) meat or chunks.
Leave for 10 minutes, then stir-fry in a pan.
When cooked, season with sauce in the ratio of 2 sake, 1 mirin, 1 soy sauce, and 0.5 sugar.
Season with the sauce.
Next, strain the mixture through a coarse colander, add two eggs and stir to break them up.
Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of light soy sauce, and mirin to make fried eggs.
After straining the roasted eggs through a coarse colander, sprinkle with trehalose, spread over the lightly mixed rice, and sprinkle bonito flakes on top.
Also, put some tinted pickles on top.

Translated with (free version)

Recipe 5



Sprinkle salt and trehalose over rice and mix.
Cut the rice into the desired shape.
Top with ingredients and roll up the sides with nori (seaweed).
Sample ingredients
(1) Yellow meat marinated in miso
Drop the egg yolk into a container with kitchen paper on top of the "mixed miso".
Place a piece of kitchen paper coated with miso on top of the yolk and sandwich the yolk. Leave it in the refrigerator in this state for about two days.
2) Ume Okra
3) Nishiki Sesame
etc. Please try as you like!

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