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BURI: Japanese Yellowtail / Amberjack

Although Yellowtail sashimi and carpaccio are popular menus in restaurants, cooked dishes such as grilled ginger yellowtail and nanbanzuke, a marinated Japanese fish dish are indispensable. You won’t have issues with the meat of the fish becoming tight and hard or producing a unpleasant fishy odor while cooking.By simply boiling in hot water, you can add the grilled ginger yellowtail and nanbanzuke to your menu. The recipe comes directly from a Michelin star sushi chef and a chef from a Japanese restaurant that has been loved for over 30 years.


Grilled ginger yellowtail

By cooking with ginger, the meat of the fish becomes very soft and fluffy. Please enjoy the scent of ginger with every bite. 



Coated and cooked yellowtail is marinated in a special sauce with a strong vinegar flavor, which is the pride of the Michelin star chef. Since vegetables are included in the dish, the mixture of color makes for a nice presentation.

How to eat Japanese yellowtail: 
Sashimi, Shabu-shabu, Burikama - yellowtail collar (only two per fish and considered very valuable parts).

Benefits of farmed yellowtail: 
Able to purchase at a stable price because it is supplied regardless of weather conditions. The oil on the fish is very delicious and since the yellowtail is carefully managed and grows quickly, there is no peculiar odor which is present in wild yellowtail.

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